✨Invitation to the opening session of a consultation series under the title:

Diaspora solidarity and reshaping international aid

amplifying the role of diasporas in challenging inequitable structures

Date: ?️12 September 2023
Time: ? 2 – 6pm BTS ( 1pm – 5pm UTC, 9am – 1pm EST, 4pm – 8pm EAT)

WHAF and its partners collaboration aim to explore the potential of diaspora solidarity within and beyond the contested international “aid” space. Drawing on the experiences and perspectives of both diaspora humanitarian actors and actors from countries of origin/heritage, we will delve into the role of diasporas in improving human welfare in countries of heritage, while also examining their contribution to challenging and reshaping inequitable structures and systems. By bridging the conversations on engagement, challenges, and collaboration, we seek to foster a better understanding of diaspora positionality and their potential for working together and promoting solidarity in the aid sector.

The opening session is designed to provide a conceptual grounding to the country specific focused discussions that will follow and will explore:

?Diaspora perspectives and experiences
?Local / GS perspectives and experiences
?The bridge: solidarity and working together
?Strengthening the pillars: relationships in countries of heritage and countries of residence / citizenship.

We therefore encourage and welcome your attendance at the opening session. We will appreciate it if you also share the registration link and this invitation amongst your network.

?Please follow the link below to register:


? Please find a brief concept paper about the consultations here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nSMlgn8zG_9DTzEq2B66kinlKE4oAlGs/view?usp=sharing