The visit will last for seven days, during which Dr Hany and a humanitarian team from Islamic Relief Canada have visited three cities so far. The programme is hosted and organised by the Islamic relief Ethiopia office. Few meetings were held with community leaders, ‘right holders’ and young people. As well as visiting a few of the income-generation and empowerment projects for women and young people.

The humanitarian team has also visited the Afar region, while Islamic Relief distributed humanitarian aid to Afar’s ‘Right Holders’. At these moments, Dr Hany El-Banna highlighted the importance of remembering people in need in Afar and worldwide. He urged everyone, people, organisations, and countries to work together to provide continued support to people in need worldwide and invest in institution-building and building local human competencies.

Dr Hany El-Banna visited with the humanitarian team some of Islamic Relief projects in Ethiopia: 

  • Visited an energy-saving and climate-friendly stove making project for women.
  • Visited an ICT Youth Center – an income-generation and empowerment project.
  • Visited textile shop doing beddings – an income-generation and empowerment project – supporting 80 women.
  • Saw a sustainable investment program – animal fattening – Women income-generation and empowerment project.
  • Visited Afar Region and provided the ‘Right Holders’ with support from Islamic Relief.

Several meetings took place during the visit:

  • Visited Islamic Relief office in Addis Ababa.
  • Meeting and discussions with community leaders.
  • Meeting with the right holders in Afar.
  • Meetings took place with volunteers and field workers.
  • Various meetings took place with young people within the community.

Humanitarian work is not merely a job. Work-hours, salary or contract clauses should not restrict it. Instead, it is a message of love, sacrifice and brotherhood. Together we can empower those in need, spread tolerance, goodness and establish stable societies.