The visit lasted for eight days, during which Dr. Hany and his team of young humanitarian workers visited 5 cities and held 2 workshops.
Eighteen young men and women participated in the field visit from all over the world: 4 from UK, 2 from Ireland, 3 from Italy, 5 from Spain and 4 from Nairobi.
Due to COVID restrictions, there have been many delays in our humanitarian offices, which negatively impacted our work. For this reason, we saw it fit that we reignite our work through this field visit.
It was imperative to allow aid to reach the “rights holders” (i.e those truly deserving aid).
Many discussions were held during this trip which included discussions on planes, trains, busses and even in hotel rooms. Also, discussion sessions and evening reviews were held which resulted in many ideas presented such as: the writing of a book titled Challenging the Challenges, which will be a collaborative effort by all young participants in the program.

This program aimed to highlight the interdependent relationship between: donors, main offices, local field workers and those receiving aid (“rights holders”).

The aim of the humanitarian summit is to invest in the institution-building, association initiatives and building local human competencies, which can only be by the participation of all members.

Humanitarian work is not merely a job. It should not be restricted by work-hours, salary or contract clauses. Rather, it is a message of love, sacrifice and brotherhood. Together we can empower those in need, spread tolerance, goodness and establish stable societies.