The visit lasted six days, during which Dr Hany and a humanitarian team from Islamic Relief Canada have visited Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania. The programme were hosted and organised by the Islamic relief offices in the Balkan region. Few meetings were held with community leaders, ‘right holders’ and young people. As well as visiting few of the income-generation and empowerment projects for women and families.

The visit included the following: 

  • Meetings with government authorities.
  • Meeting with local organisations and with the Minister of Health in Macedonia.
  • Workshops and meetings with volunteers and field workers.
  • Workshops and discussions with young people to share knowledge.
  • Several field visits and meeting with Right-Holders.
  • Visited several income-generation and empowerment projects from which:
    • Greenhouses projects.
    • Cattle Farming project.

and others …

Humanitarian work it is a message of love, sacrifice and brotherhood. Together we can empower those in need, spread tolerance, goodness and establish stable societies.