The overall theme for WHAF 2019 is ‘Dignity in Humanity’. The four key topics to be addressed in the form of solution-focused roundtable discussions are:

Roundtable A – Finance :  Countering the financing of terrorism: policy and technology solutions to increase access and opportunity, including the potential and challenges of Islamic Social Financing

Roundtable B – Localisation : Localisation in Practice and realisation of Grand Bargain Commitments: A More Dignified Humanitarian Eco-System

Roundtable C – Conflicts :  From silos to synergies – how peacebuilding, humanitarian and development actors can learn from each other

Roundtable D – Resilience :  Climate change, disaster risk reduction, migration and community resilience

We hope that, with your participation in this Forum, WHAF will facilitate new partnerships amongst humanitarian actors from the ‘North’ and ‘South’ and share effective humanitarian practices and more specifically;

  1. Develop strategies for informing policy on key issues affecting humanitarian organisations particularly those from the global south
  2. Develop joint initiatives and campaigns for collaborative working at local, national and international levels