As the conflict in Yemen rages on, humanitarian needs only multiply. The extract below is part of  longer, more informative statement from Johannes Van Der Klaauw, the UN Humanitarian Co-ordinator for Yemen:

“We welcome any initiatives that seek to reduce the level of violence, notably shelling and coalition airstrikes in populated areas that harm civilians and civilian infrastructure. The country’s airports and seaports constitute a lifeline given that Yemen relies on imports for 90 per cent of its food and most of its fuel. However, these lifelines have been hampered as most of Yemen’s airports are not open to civilian traffic, and transports by sea are subject to the coalition’s inspection regime related to the arms embargo mandated by the UN Security Council.”

For the full statement, please see the PDFs below.

HC Statement on Yemen – Arabic

HC Statement on Yemen – English

For more information on the key humanitarian issues being addressed in Yemen. Please see the 2015 needs overview.