Coordination Meeting for Arab Humanitarian Organisations in preparation for WHS 2016

On 26th January we brought together a range of humanitarian actors from 12 Arab States to discuss how we can better coordinate our efforts to ensure humanitarian responses are effective and efficient. Along with our partners, we were pleased to welcome representatives from Al Waleed Ben Talal Foundation, OCHA Regional Office MENA, League of Arab States, Qatar Charity and Red Crescent Societies.

Like our previous consultations outside of the MENA region, we focused on the four themes of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS): humanitarian effectiveness, reducing vulnerability and managing risk, transformation through innovation and serving the needs of people in conflict.

Discussions were broad, deep and sometimes heated. Our shared passion for helping affected people fuelled conversations about protecting of dignity of those living through humanitarian crises.

If you would like to continue the knowledge sharing, we encourage you to participate in the WHS Online Consultation for the MENA region.