As part of his participation in the Seventh Annual Conference for Effective Partnerships and Information Sharing for Better Humanitarian Action”, which will be held in Bahrain from 31 Oct- 1 Nov 2016, Dr Hany will give a speech in a panel discussion on ‘Post-WHS, MENA and the Gulf’.

The overall objective of the panel discussion is to have a common understanding of WHS commitments made by humanitarian actors from the Middle East and North Africa and Gulf and brainstorm on appropriate follow-up mechanisms to translate them to concrete action. Specifically,

it will:

1) provide an overview of the commitments made by stakeholder groups from the region;

2) hear proposals for instituting follow-up mechanisms in the region


Dr Hany’s presentation will provide a brief overview of the nature and range of the commitments from the region and focus on how to carry forward the momentum and engagement of the humanitarian actors from the region, especially the CSOs.  He will also look at what innovative approaches can be taken in the region keeping in mind its socio-cultural needs and the priorities outlined in the Summit.

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