Over two days on 4-5th December 2015, The Humanitarian Forum facilitated a meeting with our  WHS partners i.e. the organisations who put together national consultations in 35 countries between January 2014 and November 2015. Together we discussed the role of humanitarian NGOs in re-shaping aid.

So far, our national consultations have utilised a workshop-style agenda put forth by The Humanitarian Forum as a basis for understanding the pitfalls and successes of the humanitarian system in four key areas identified by the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS):

  1. Humanitarian Effectiveness
  2. Managing risk and reducing vulnerability
  3. Transformation through innovation
  4. Serving the needs of people in conflict

The Partners Meeting in December was designed to take stock of all the work that took place the previous years and to discuss how to take ideas and recommendations forward in preparation for the WHS in May 2016. The meeting also included the development of a joint action plan for phases following the WHS. Please click here to read the full report.