Key Outputs of De-risking and Financial Access: Share the research findings and inform policy

  • THF carried out four country case studies on the impact of de-risking on NGOs (Yemen, Somalia, Palestine and Syria). The research reports were published between February-August 2018 by our partner The Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The De-risking research was a partnership project between The Humanitarian Forum, ODI and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
    Palestine derisking study by THF, ODI, LSE, Aug 2018 (PDF)
    Somalia Derisking study by THF, ODI, LSE June 2018 (PDF)
  • A policy brief was developed by ODI and the LSE and published in September 2018, summarising the four country case studies and recommendations for all key stakeholders.
    Policy brief on derisking research in 4 countries by THF, ODI, LSE Aug 2018 (PDF)
  • Financial access for NPOs panel discussion hosted by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, co-sponsored by Charity and Security Network and The Humanitarian Forum, on 7th May 2018 in Washington DC. Presentations from The Humanitarian Forum, the London School of Economics, CSIS and the Global Centre for Cooperative Security.
  • Shared the findings of the de-risking research report at the International Stakeholder Dialogue at The Hague on 15th February 2018, involving the World Bank, ACAMS, government policy makers and regulators, hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Human Security Collective
  • A series of key stakeholder meetings were held from 7th -9th of May 2018 in Washington DC with US policy makers including the US State Department, US Treasury, Congressmen, Think Tanks and NPOs.
  • Findings of the de-risking research report were shared at the International Humanitarian Studies Association Conference at The Hague in August 2018
  • A series of De-risking consultation meetings were conducted with NGOs, banks and donors to discuss policy recommendations to inform the De-risking policy brief published in August 2018.
  • Organised a panel discussion at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in partnership with The Humanitarian Forum, The Human Security Collective, Islamic Relief USA, World Food Programme and Mensen met een Missie. A report was submitted by FATF to the G20 Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.
  • Delivered a Financial Governance training course for local NGOs in Gaziantep and Istanbul, Turkey, to raise awareness of bank de-risking and preventative measures to contribute to both financial integrity and financial access.

Localisation Agenda: Shared Recommendations

  • The summary recommendations of the Localisation roundtable were shared with the Charter4Change group and other channels
  • The recommendations were shared with relevant donors including DfID, ECHO and the Swiss Government
  • The recommendations were shared with the UNOCHA Global Policy Forum and with the Grand Bargain localization work stream members.
  • In line with the capacity strengthening agenda, a series of training courses were delivered to over 200 local NGO staff in Turkey and Iraq throughout April of 2018. Topics included; Financial Governance and Accountability, Sustainable and Integrated Development, The Role of Women and Youth in Civil Society, Partnerships and Collaboration.
  • We continue to champion the recommendations in order to maintain the momentum on these key priorities around locally led humanitarian action

Conflicts and Crises: To continue the advocacy work

  • The outputs from the roundtable were used to engage in advocacy work with UNHCR in order to influence the Global Compact on Forced Migration, and feed into the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework
  • IRW in collaboration with the Joint Learning Initiative network conducted research on protection in refugee settings.
  • IRW launched its policies on GBV at the UN Commission on the Status of Women session 62 held in New York in March 2018. The Gender Justice Declaration will also be launched at 2 high level meetings and at CSO level.
  • THF President visited several conflict and disaster stricken areas in Somalia, Somaliland, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Greece, Cameroon and Central African Republic. Consultations, meetings and training were held with local NGOs in Bosnia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.
  • THF in partnership with World Federation Aid, Islamic Relief Worldwide and led and hosted by the Iraq Red Crescent Society convened a conference in Iraq in December 2018 on ‘Communities in Action’, addressing improved coordination and collaboration.