15TH & 16th October 2019

2nd Biennial World Humanitarian Forum

Istanbul – Turkey

The World Humanitarian Action Forum is not an organisation, it is an initiative to address common issues affecting the sector and promote collaborative working at local and international levels. Its aim is to enhance partnership and collaboration among humanitarian actors from the global North and South and to share effective humanitarian practices and responses that affect local, national and international NGOs.

WHAF will contribute towards two key objectives:

  1. Develop strategies for informing policy on key issues affecting humanitarian organisations particularly those from the global ‘South’
  2. Develop joint initiatives and campaigns for collaborative work at local, national and international levels

Proposed 2019 roundtable topics (subject to change):

  1. Finance: counter terrorist financing & technology, non-traditional financial models, innovation and private sector partnerships to increase access and opportunity
  2. Localisation: Successful models/ practices/ methods and the ways in which to overcome barriers to change, shrinking civil society space and Leadership
  3. Conflicts: The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus and the need to work for peace in protracted crises, protection strategies and Gender-Based Violence
  4. Resilience: Climate change and disaster risk reduction; preparedness and anticipatory techniques

For further information or enquiries, please e-mail:

[email protected]

Whaf website: http://whaf.org.uk